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LOVE IS LOVE Soy Candle Collection

Our newest candle collection was inspired by, you guessed it, Love. R

Love in all shapes, forms, genders and identities. 

The love you share with your partner, your friends, yourself — or simply your freedom to love whoever you want, because that’s a big deal. Wherever you find love in your life, celebrate it.



TRUE / Damask Rose • Oud • Amber

SELF / Bergamot • Leather • Lavender • Clean Musk

FREE / Melon • Grapefruit • Lime • Ozone • Lavender • Musk


Three 9 oz (255g) candles in recyclable, USA-made glass containers. 

Approximate burn time is 40-60 hours per candle, depending on usage. 

All Pride Candles are made with USA sourced soy wax and are phthalate and dye free.