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Insect & Fungus Control

  • Fungus Gnats

  • Fungus gnats are small, delicate bodied flies that commonly develop in the growing medium of houseplants.

  • Larvae of fungus gnats feed on algae, fungi and plant roots in growing medium. Adults do not bite or feed.

  • Fungus gnats can be controlled by allowing the growing medium to dry between watering.

  • Some insecticides and biological control agents can be used to control fungus gnat larvae in growing media.


    Fungus gnats are small, mosquito-like insects often found in homes and offices, usually in the vicinity of houseplants. They are considered a nuisance when present in noticeable numbers, but the adults are harmless insects that do not bite. Fungus gnat larvae develop in the growing medium of houseplants and are considered minor pests of houseplants.


    Aphid infestations can destroy an entire plant, and if left untreated, they can spread to surrounding plants, as well. These pests suck out plant sap, damaging leaves, stems, and flowers in the process. The honeydew they excrete as they feed can cause a sooty mold to grow, and some aphids can even spread viruses to the plants as they feed. Taming an aphid outbreak can be difficult, but a combination of biological deterrents mixed with organic oils, soaps, and sprays can often bring things under control, especially if the infestation is still in its early stages.
    Look closely on the stem and the under side of the leaves. If you see what resembles greenish rice like specks, you have aphids. Aphids also vary in color and can be anywhere from white, green and brown. Aphids cause so much damage due to how and what they feed on and how they reproduce. An aphid can reproduce quickly by a process similar to cloning and all come out and suck the sap through piercing mouth parts.
    Lady bugs are a great beneficial insect that eat aphids. Praying mantids do as well. Insecticidal soap sprayed works as well. We carry an organic insecticidal soap at Seguin Gardens & Gifts.