Soil, Compost & Plant Food

"How Dare You Treat Your Soil Like Dirt!" -Joel Salatin
Soils are the foundation that plants thrive upon.  
Plant foods provide necessary nutrients to help your plants grow strong.  
Compost adds organic nutrients to your soil, and refreshes and restores garden beds to help you grow the best. 
We carry a variety of soils and plants foods, most available year-round, and especially for the spring and summer planting seasons.


*We are proud to be a Purple Cow Organic Soil, Compost & Plant Food Champion Dealer*


*Healthy Grow Organic Plant Foods*
*Happy Frog & Ocean Forest Potting Soils*
*Fox Farm Water Soluble Plant Food*
*Baccto Lite & Baccto Organic*
*Hoffman Organic Soils*
*Organic Pest Control Solutions*