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Premium India Incense Sticks

Set of 30 incense sticks with wooden ash catcher in decorative paper tube.

Choose from six Scents - Palo Santo, Sandal Wood, White Sage, Rose, Patchouli and Nag Champa. Each incense stick is approximately 11" Long with 25 to 30 sticks in each tube.

Made with a special mix of blending natural resins, herbs, spices with aromatic wood powders, charred coconut powder fragrant oils, and honey to deliver the wonderful aroma you have been searching for. No Dipping in Toxic Chemicals, organic incense sticks.

BODY MIND & SOUL: Increase the positivity and peace, Chakra Healing, doing Yoga, Working, Aromatherapy, Spa, Reiki, Praying, or Meditation.

HAND ROLLED: Made using traditional hand-rolling techniques that last longer. Our natural incense is organic and made with fair trade labor and environmentally responsible ingredients that are free from chemicals.

LONG LASTING: Each incense stick can burn for about 45 min indoors.