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Allium Christophii bulbs

Alliums are easy to grow and deer resistant.  They prefer well drained soils in full sun.  They create a stunning statement in the landscape, and are quite beautiful as cut flowers as well.  Once established they are relatively drought tolerant.

Plant behind lower growing perennials and annuals for an eye catching display of color and form.  Planting in clusters creates an even more stunning visual feast.

Also called Star of Persia, it is hardy in zones 4-8.  Plant 10-12" apart in the fall.  Are able to spread by self-seeding, so deadhead flowers to prevent unwanted spread of the plant, although this variety of allium are not considered invasive. Can grow to 12-24 inches tall.  

Attracts butterflies.  Large globular shaped flower heads in pale lavender to amethyst color, and can get up to 8 to 10 inches in diameter.


Image courtesy of Pinterest.