Beer + Cigarettes Body Oil by Soap Distillery

$ 17.99 USD

Lightweight, quick absorbing body oil. Great as a lotion replacement right after your shower or bath! High in antioxidants, this body oil will spoil you. 

Scent: Tobacco, lavender, and hops

Phthalate free - Vegan - 4 fl oz

Packaged in a clear glass container with a reducing insert. Contains dried hops.

Made in Chicago IL

Soap Distillery was created because of a lack of product diversity within the natural soap world. Soap Distillery's creator, Danielle, knew that there could be more diverse and interesting options for soap, and drew her inspiration from a cocktail she was drinking while trying to come up with scent ideas: an Old Fashioned. From there, Soap Distillery was born.

Soap Distillery is now a team that creates a myriad of natural and phthalate free products! Bar soaps, liquid wash, beard and hair care, and more. Everything is created by hand and everything from scratch in Chicago, IL

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