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Capitata Peach Enhanced (4-5 inch) Air Plant

Like most tillandsia, capitata prefers bright indirect light and regular watering.

Its color has been enhanced to show a stronger peach color.

During warmer months, thoroughly wet plants once a week.  Make sure to allow them to dry thoroughly before putting back into any containers----be especially careful for any water left in small crevasses.  In the winter you might be able to water less often, but with dryer air be mindful of not letting it dry out.

Once a month fertilization is recommended.

During Summer, thoroughly wet plants every week. After watering, set plants upside down on a towel to dry before returning them to their containers. 

During the winter months, you may water less frequently, but be sure to watch the plant closely to ensure it is receiving adequate hydration. 

Once per month fertilization is recommended.