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Dieffenbachia Reflector 4 inch

Dieffenbachia reflector is a popular tropical houseplant. With large showy leaves spotted with bold yellow patterns, it is easy to maintain and serves as a beautiful decorative piece as well. The Dieffenbachia Reflector, called the dumb cane is a rare plant that is native to Central and South America. It is perfect for beginner-level gardeners as it is easy to grow and maintain. 

The dumb cane ‘reflector’ plant does not require very frequent watering and you should water only when the topsoil is noticeably dry. 

The plant will require more frequent watering during warmer months, or once every two or three days. During winter months when the plants stay dormant reduce watering to once in two weeks. Look out for droopy leaves which can be a clear-cut sign that the roots are thirsty and it indeed is time for watering. 

The plant is happiest when it receives medium to bright indirect sunlight. However, to a large extent, it can tolerate low light conditions and survive, though it will not produce any beautiful variegations. For vibrant and vigorous growth give it adequate light, taking care also not to over-expose it too. Excessive and direct sun heat and light can scorch the leaves and also slow their growth.