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EXPRESSION 9oz Soy Candle

Bergamot • Sage • Tonka • Sandalwood • Amber


Earthy, herbal, refreshing


Express yourself with this bold and invigorating scent, born from the perfect combination of some of our favorite ingredients!

starting with the soothing, relaxing qualities of clary sage, combined with the warm woodiness of tonka bean and sandalwood.

Final touches of bergamot and amber add sweet, citrusy notes, leaving you with a scent that’s earthy, herbal, and unexpected.

9 oz (255g) candle in a recyclable, USA-made glass container.

Approximate burn time is 40-60 hours, depending on usage. 

All Pride Candles are made with USA-sourced soy wax and are phthalate and dye free.

Glass dimensions: 3.5 inches high, 3.1 inches diameter.