Fish Sh!t Soil Conditioner

Fish Sh!t is a living product! It is OMRI listed for organic use and University tested. 

It provides a complex Microbial profile that includes thousands of different species of bacteria, fungi and protozoa. 

It is a piece of nature in a bottle. Fish Sh!t makes fruits, herbs and vegetables healthier, taste and smell better and it improves plant health, growth and production. 

Fish sh!t will make your plants smile and your garden’s thrive.

Fish Sh!t is derived from feeding tilapia a proprietary mix of organic feed that when digested lends itself nicely to bacteria and microorganism production/growth under proper conditions. 

Fish Sh!t is the first of its kind ecosystem in a bottle. By introducing a wide variety of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in to the rhizosphere, Fish Sh!t creates an optimal symbiotic relationship between plant and soil.

Available in 4.05oz, 8.4oz and 16.9oz bottles.