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Calathea ornata sanderiana

Dazzling variegated leaves make this calathea a showstopper.

Also known as the Calathea Broad Leaf, Stirped Calathea or Pin-stripe Plant.

Produces large, oval, glossy leathery leaves in a dark or olive green with a fishbone design of white lines, sometimes with pink overtones.  The pink tends to fade as the plant matures.  The underside of the leaves are maroon.

As a prayer plant, it folds its leaves up a night.

Direct sun bleaches and burns the leaves, so bright indirect or filtered light is best.

LIkes moderate but not wet soil.  As its origin is in tropical rain forests, it also prefers a higher humidity, making it good for bright bathrooms or kitchens.  Dry air conditions cause the edges of the leaves to brown.  Use a room humidifier or place in a saucer with pebbles with water to increase ambient humidity.

In a 5.5 inch grower pot.