Italia Organic Pepper Seeds

$ 3.25 USD

Capsicum annuum.  Organic.

This corno-di-toro (“horn of the bull”) type of sweet pepper earned high marks from Seed Savers Exchange staff at a 2014 tasting at their Heritage Farm headquarters. 

Curved, tapered fruit mature from green to red, have thin walls, and taste very sweet (not hot). 

Erect plants grow 14-28" tall and have sparse branching, green leaves and stems with light-purple nodes, and white flowers. 

Mature fruit reach 5-7" long and 1.5-3" wide. 

Introduced in 1987 by Johnny’s Selected Seeds of Albion, Maine, this variety has been shared within the SSE Yearbook Exchange community ever since. 

70-80 days from transplant. Sweet. 

Grow in full sun.  Germinates best in warm soil.