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leafjoy™ Mythic™ Red Secret Jewel Alocasia

Alocasia cuprea

In 17cm/6.7" grower pot

Red Secret is a stunning Alocasia.  The leaves emerge with a coppery-green color, and as the leaves mature, they turn a darker color and almost look metallic.  The undersides of the leaves are a beautiful maroon color.
Adaptable As Houseplant
Foliage Interest
Harmful To: Pets

Plant Type:  Houseplant
Height Category:  Short
Height:  12 - 18 Inches
Foliage Colors:  Black-Green-Red
Foliage Shade:  Black to deep green foliage, can also become deep green and reddish.
Habit:  Upright
Container Role:  Filler

Light Requirement:  Medium
Maintenance Category:  Moderate
Preferred Temperature:  60 - 85 °F
Water Category:  Average
Humidity Preference:  High
Container Soil Type:  Indoor Potting Mix
Needs Good Drainage
Uses:  Desktops and humid spaces
Uses Notes:  Not for human or animal consumption.

Maintenance Notes: 
For optimal performance, keep at 60-85°F (15-29°C).
Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.
Protect furniture when watering.

Alocasia does best with bright indirect light, but will benefit from some early morning or late day sun indoors (right in front of an eastern or western window), particularly during wintertime. You may need to use a grow light during dark winter months, or move them to a sunnier window during that time.

It prefers to be consistently moist, but not wet and needs to have good drainage. It can't take wet soil, but also doesn't tolerate dry soils well. A well draining soil is necessary and the plant should not be allowed to sit in water. Allow the top inch or so to dry out before watering again.

All-purpose potting mixes with additional orchid bark and perlite added is a beneficial medium for Alocasias.
It is happiest when grown between 60 and 85 degrees.

Alocasias also would appreciate higher humidity, so break out that humidifier. 

If your plant drops it's leaves don't give up. (These plants like very consistent conditions overall when it comes to watering, temperature, and light.)  Alocasias grow from bulb-like corms and can sprout new leaves under the right conditions.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners®