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leafjoy™ Prismacolor™ Pink Princess

Philodendron hybrid
In a 12cm/4.3" grower pot

This highly sought after plant with hot pink variegation among nearly black leaves is truly a showstopper! No two plants are identical and the variegation will vary from plant to plant.
Adaptable As Houseplant
Foliage Interest
Harmful To: Pets

Plant Type:  Houseplant
Height Category:  Tall
Height:  48 - 72 Inches
Foliage Colors:  Black and Green and Pink
Foliage Shade:  Green to nearly black leaves, with hot pink variegation.
Habit:  Climbing
Container Role:  Thriller

Light Requirement:  Low to Medium

Maintenance Category:  Moderate
Preferred Temperature:  60 - 85 °F
Water Category:  Average
Humidity Preference:  High
Container Soil Type:  Indoor Potting Mix
Needs Good Drainage
Uses:  Humid Spaces and Low Light Spaces

Uses Notes:  Not for human or animal consumption.

Maintenance Notes: 
For optimal performance, keep at 60-85°F (15-29°C).
Protect furniture when watering.

Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.

Philodendron plants are either vining or mounding in habit.  Pink Princess is a vining Philodendron and you'll need to provide bamboo stakes, moss posts, a wood board, or some kind of trellis to support the plant for best results.  Leaves will get bigger and bigger if you provide a good structure that the aerial roots can attach to.

Highly variegated plants like Pink Princess need brighter light in order to bring out variegation.  Never place far from a window.  

If your plant is putting out too many leaves that lack the beautiful pink variegation, trim your vine back to a leaf that exhibits good, balanced variegation and the resulting new growth may have better variegation.
Water when the top inch or two of the soil is dry.

Use a well-drained potting mix.
Like any aroid, this plant prefers chunky potting mixes that provide plenty of air circulation to the root system.  Amending your all-purpose potting mix with perlite and orchid bark is one way to accomplish this.

Image courtesy of Proven Winners®