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LIFE 9oz Soy Candle

Egyptian Musk • Peach • Rose Petal

Clean, light and elegant.

Often used in perfumes and colognes, Egyptian musk is a subtle scent known to calm the mind and easy stress, helping create a sense of clarity and balance to get us through life's challenges.

Blended with a hint of sweet peace oil and delicate rose petal, the resulting scent is soothing, refreshing and inviting.

Light this candle when you are in the mood to rest, relax and reset.


9 oz (255g) candle in a recyclable, USA-made glass container. 

The approximate burn time is 40-60 hours, depending on usage. 

All Pride Candles are made with USA-sourced soy wax and are phthalate and dye free.

Glass dimensions: 3.5 inches high, 3.1 inches diameter.