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Natural Tumbled Gemstone Intention Vials

Responsibly sourced tumbled gemstones are used for many spiritual practices.

Each vial contains tumbled gemstones.  The sticker on each describes each gemstone's properties.

Available gemstones:

Amethyst is a powerful spiritual crystal connected with clarity, contemplation and third eye awakening. It is a soothing, stabilizing stone intended to relieve stress, balance mood swings and calm the mind.  Origin Brazil.  Contains 5-7 tumbled stones of varying sizes.

Aventurine is an energy boosting crystal whose benefits include enhanced optimism and a zest for life. This stimulating stone is intended to increase vitality, lower stress and connect the possessor to Earth's natural healing vibrations. Origin Brazil.  Contains 9-11 tumbled stones of varying sizes.

Obsidian is a grounding crystal connected with good fortune, cleansing negativity and overall healing. Its volcanic origin infuses the stone with unique elemental energy, empowering the owner to achieve greater spiritual progress and unlock their full potential. Origin Mexico. Contains 5-6 tumbled stones of varying sizes.

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. This purifying crystal is connected with trust, enhanced self worth and restoring harmony in relationships. It is intended to dispel negativity and open the heart to an abundance of loving vibrations.  Origin Madacascar. Contains 4-6 tumbled stones of varying sizes.

Responsibly Sourced.  Assembled in Asheville, NC, United States