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Old Man Cactus - Cephalocereus senilis in 6 inch pot

A columnar succulent with a thick flesh body covered by long white "hairs" that give it the nickname "Old Man Cactus."  It's also sometimes known as "White Persian Cat" and "Old Man of Mexico."

Native to Mexico, the white hairs are the spines that protect the plant from heat and fros.  They look soft, but contain the central sharp spines of the plant.

Indoors in a container, it will grow up to about a foot tall.  In more temperate climates where outdoor planting is possible, it can grow much taller.

Place near a south or west facing window so it can receive direct sunlight.  It needs at least 6 hours of sunlight to produce more of its "hair."  The more intense the sun, the thicker the hair gets.

Needs a little more watering than other succulents.  Water when the top half inch of soil is dry.  Water less frequently in the cooler months.