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Pumpkin IPA Autumn Soap by Soap Distillery


Soap Distillery was created because of a lack of product diversity within the natural soap world. I, Danielle - Soap Distillery's creator, Danielle, knew that there could be more diverse and interesting options for soap, and drew her inspiration from a cocktail she was drinking while trying to come up with scent ideas: an Old Fashioned. From there, Soap Distillery was born.

Soap Distillery is now a team that creates a myriad of natural and phthalate free products! Bar soaps, liquid wash, beard and hair care, and more. Everything is created by hand and everything from scratch in Chicago, IL. 

Pumpkin Pie, meet IPA. This delicious smelling soap has everything you'd want in a good pumpkin pie, that's for some reason been stuffed with some extra spices and hops. 

It's got a nice soft pumpkin pie smell, with some extra clove and orange at the top, with a base of sharp musk. 

Aside from its delicious fragrance, this soap also contains pureed pumpkin and an IPA!

Our high olive oil recipe makes this a milder bar, and it is inherently high in vitamin E. 

Cold process soaps also have naturally occurring glycerin, which draws moisture to your skin.