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Tradescantia zebrina Red Silver in 3.5 in pot

Also known as the inch plant, spiderwort as well as its newest name 'wandering dude.'

Tradescantia zebrine houseplants are fast growing easy care plants. Most often seen as houseplants, especially hanging baskets, they are also very popular in warmer months for outdoor hanging baskets and containers.

The colorful zebra patterned leaves are green with purple stripes and a silver shine. The underside of the leaf is a deep purple or magenta color. The Fluminensis variety has small solid green leaves and white flowers while the Palida variety has purple leaves with white, purple, or pink flowers.

These plants have a very low toxicity in that the sap from the leaf could cause skin irritation and should be kept away from pets and children.

Starter plant in 3.5 inch grower pot