Root Pouch Charcoal 'One + Done' 3 Gallon Fabric Pot

Root Pouch Charcoal Line is a 150g/m2 single-use fabric perfect for commercial and indoor grow rooms.  Great for hydroponic growers!

The ideal container for drainage and preventing root binding.

Size:  3 gallon/12 liter10 w x 8 1/2 h(metric 25 1/2w x 21 1/2 h).

Ultra lightweight and made of eco-friendly materials.

Designed for medical, recreational, or edible grow rooms. Perfect for vegetables, flowers and young plants.

Root Pouch degradable plant pots are made of PET derived from recycled plastic water bottles.

This material is melted back to a sterile liquid state then spun into fibers that are mixed with natural fibers which degrade over time. Because the plastic is re-melted it is once again sterile making it a great choice for growing plants for human consumption. Root Pouch does not use new petroleum as do some other fabric companies, so Root Pouch does not contain any toxins.

UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non-Toxic

All Root Pouch gow bags have undergone rigorous testing by BACL (Global testing and certification lab) in accordance with FDA contact test 21 CFR 177.1630.