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Saint Fiacre 25in Garden Statue

St Fiacre is most renowned as the patron saint of growing food and medicinal plants, or more simply, the Patron Saint of Gardening.

The legend of Fiacre goes that St Faro allowed him as much land as he might entrench in one day with a furrow; Fiacre turned up the earth with the point of his staff, toppling trees and uprooting briers and weeds. 

A suspicious woman hastened to tell Faro that he was being beguiled and that this was witchcraft. Faro, however, recognized that this was the work of God.

Made of Fiber Stone-sand and stone cast into the surface to give the appearance of aged stone.  Reinforced with fiberglass, this makes it lighter weight than concrete, but still durable for outdoors.  Recommended to bring indoors during winter to minimize aging of finish.