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Syngonium Podophyllum Batik 4 inch

Syngonium Batik is an easy to care for plant with a trailing habit and striking coloured foliage. It has arrow shaped leaves that are green in colour with white veins throughout. Syngonium Batik is part of the Araceae family and native to the South American region. These plants are typically found in tropical rainforests under the shade of the trees.

This plant can be grown as a vine and trained to grow up a trellis/pole or it can be kept in a hanging basket. Providing your plant with a trellis or pole to grow up will encourage larger foliage. To keep the Syngonium Batik as a more compact/bushy plant, as the plant starts to grow vines, trim them off with a pair of pruners. Syngonium Batik will grow best when in medium to bright indirect lighting. It’s best to avoid any direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves and cause them to become crispy.