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UCPS Grown Philodendron White Princess 2 inch


The white princess is a hybrid plant similar to the Philodendron white knight, white wizard, pink princess, and variegated red anderson. The main differences are the coloration of the stems. The Philodendron White Princess  has green stems with white and pink streaks. 

Philodendron White Princess grow best when kept in bright indirect light. Moving your plant to a spot where it receives bright filtered light will help keep it happy and healthy. Lack of bright light can also cause your White Princess to lose its variegation. 

You can expect your Philodendron White Princess to require moderate watering (around once a week). This will change throughout the cooler months when the temperature and amount of sunlight is changing. Before you water your plant, check to see if the top half of the soil is dry. If it’s dry, you can give your plant a drink. Drooping leaves can be a sign that your Philodendron White Princess needs water.