UCPS Calathea Musaica in 4" pot

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A tropical rainforest plant, calathea musaica, also known as Goeppertia kegeljanii 'Network," prefers filtered, indirect light or part shade.  A little bit of light morning sun is fine, just not too intense.

It prefers high humidity and stable temperatures, similar to what it would find in its native location.  Indoor temperatures of 65 to 79 are what it prefers, which makes it good for an indoor plant.  

Adding extra humidity, especially in the winter, will help it stay happy and healthy.  Investing in a humidifier would be a good idea, or placing it in a high humidity area like a bathroom (as long as it gets enough light, but not direct sun).

They prefer moist, but not wet, soil.  In larger specimens, allowing the top inch or two of soil to dry out is acceptable.  Too much water will cause root rot.  They also are sensitive to water---if you can use rainwater or distilled water, that would be great.  Another option is to fill your watering can with tap water and let it sit at least overnight.

This calathea was grown in our greenhouse here at Seguin Gardens.