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leafjoy™ Zamioculcus zamiifolia 'ZZ Plant'

Common Name:  ZZ Plant 

Sold in a 12cm/4.3" and 17cm/6.7" pot

ZZ plants are beautiful, unique, low maintenance houseplants that have long stems covered in many round, plump, shiny green leaves (or leaflets as they are called)
These plants are very drought resistant thanks to their rhizomatous roots that store water

Adaptable as houseplant
Foliage Interest
Harmful for pets

Plant Type:  Houseplant
Height Category: Medium to Large
Height:  Slow growing.  Can get up to 2 feet tall.
Foliage Colors:  Dark green
Habit:  Upright

Light Requirement:  Low to Medium
Maintenance Category:  Low
Preferred Temperature:  60-85 F
Water Category:  Average
Humidity Preference:  Low
Container Soil Type:  Indoor Potting Mix
Needs Good Drainage
Uses:  Desktops - North Facing Windows - Low Light Spaces
Uses notes:  Not for human or animal consumption. Very toxic.

Maintenance Notes:
For optimal performance, keep a 60-85 F
Feed once per month at half strength when plant is actively growing.
Protect furniture when watering.

Bright filtered light is best, but will survive in low light environments..  But early morning or late afternoon sun is beneficial when growing indoors.  

Water when the soil has dried out completely.  They don't like to be wet.