Annuals 2024

Annual and Edibles coming in the week of April 8:

Fruits & Vegetables:

Anaheim Pepper, California Wonder Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper, Early Jalapeno Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Sweet Banana Pepper, Early Girl Plus Tomato, LaRoma III Tomato, Sunsugar Tomato, Super Sweet 100 Tomato, Astro Arugula, Sweet Slaw Cabbage, Buttercrunch Lettuce, SimplySalad City Garden Lettuce Mix, Slicemore Cucumbers.

Berri Basket Apple Blossom and Summer Breeze Cherry Blossom Strawberry Hanging Baskets.


French Lavender, Goodwin Creek Lavender, Dolce Fresca Basil, Rutgers Devotion Basil,Cilantro Santo, Peppermint, Spearmint, Italian Oregano, Upright and trailing Rosemary, Onion Chives, Fernleaf Dill, Italian Flat Parsley, Rue (Ruta), Alaska Mix Nasturtium.


Spring Matrix Pansies (Tricolor Mix Clear Mix, Rose, Deep Orange, Yellow Blotch, Blue, Purple and Blue Blotch), Viola Penny (Yellow and Violet), Viola ColorMax Mix and Clear Yellow, Pansy classic Berry Tart Mix. Mime Stock in Pink and Purple. Snapdragon Liberty in Yellow and Crimson.

Purple Prince, Plumosa and Sprengeri Asparagus Ferns, Spikes, Hypoestes Confetti Compact in Red and Pink, Sweet Potato Vine (Marguerite, Dwarf Marguerite), Lysimachia Goldi (Creeping Jenny), Plectranthus Silver Shield and Variegated, Setcreasea Purple Queen and Purple Variegated, Vinca Vine (Maculate and Variegated), Dusty MillerSilverdust.

Pinto Geraniums (Salmon, Violet, Lavender Rose and White, Ringo Geranium in Cardinal red.

Begonia Viking Red on Chocolate Leaves, Osteospurnum Voltage Gold and Akila (Grand Canyon Mix, Lavender Shades and White). SuperCal Petchoa (Sunray Pink, Purple Dawn, Lavender Star). Ranunculus Sprinkles (Red, Pink, Orange and Yellow).

Tianis Cyclamen(Salmon w/eye and Purple).

Marigolds: Taishan (Orange, Yellow & Gold), Bonanza (Mix & Flame), Safari (Mix & Scarlet).

Zinnia Cut & Come Again Mix, Zinnia Double Profusion Mix.