UCP Seguin Grown Edibles

U C P Seguin Grown

The center of our mission to provide jobs to individuals with cognitive disabilities, UCP Seguin Grown edibles are sown from seed, by hand, using organic and natural methods. Many of the seeds we start from are also organic. Your purchases of UCP Seguin Grown not only help provide funds for UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, but also helps assure we will be able to continue to provide jobs and increased independence that comes from having a steady paycheck for those individuals we serve.
We use the high quality products we sell----Pro-Mix Professional Propagation planting medium, Fox Farm Grow Big® and Tiger Bloom® plant foods---both brands also have many other high quality products we sell. We use foliar feeds and beneficial insects, as well as good old visual scouting, to keep those nasty predator bugs at bay.

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