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Photo of monstera delicioso and fiddle leaf fig plants
image of small grey bistro table with chairs, with plants on it and foliage filled window boxes behind it on top of pallet walls

who we are and what we stand for

Named after Edouard Seguin, a French person who taught people with cognitive disabilities in the 1800s, Seguin Gardens opened in 2009 with a mission to create jobs for adults with developmental disabilities.

A social enterprise of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, we strive to provide a fun and nurturing environment for our work, as well as a place for our community to come and experience all we have to offer.  In addition to our own products, we look to find and support small local businesses and organizations, representing a wide variety of communities, particularly if they are under represented elsewhere. 

All proceeds from Seguin Gardens & Gifts go to help individuals live Life without limits for people with disabilities™

UCP Seguin Grown

An integral part of our mission of employing individuals with disabilities is our SeguinGrown program.

Our staff works with individuals participating in seed starting and propagating plants, caring for them until ready for the sales floor, as well as other greenhouse tasks.

image of a person's arm picking up a small seedling from a white tabletop of seedlings, to put into the growers pot in their left hand.
image of several hexagonal shaped ceramic pots with faceted sides in varying colors of green blue and peach

UCP Seguin Made

Another important part of our mission of employing individuals with disabilities is our SeguinMade program.

Our staff works with individuals creating hand painted and glazed ceramics, holiday ornaments and other products to sell in the store.

UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago

United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago  believes in a world where individuals with disabilities achieve their potential, advance their independence and take their place as full members of the community. 

We strive to make this world a reality--locally, in Illinois and beyond, for people at every stage of life--by leveraging technology to provide innovative training and education programs, family support, employment and life-skills training, and residential services. We provide a broad array of services to the people we serve, and continue to look for ways to expand the opportunities we can provide.