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As a pet parent, you may be familiar with the experience of seeing your pet nibble on random things, like shoes or even wires. While it can be funny to see your pet enjoy themselves, all pet parents agree that they feel frightened once they see their pets chewing plants.

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One of the greatest benefits of having a garden is controlling how your food is grown. Growing organically ensures your food is free of commercial pesticides--pollutants that can transfer into the soil, water, and atmosphere. Starting an organic garden is the perfect way to provide clean, healthful food to your family, and help protect the earth.
Pride Candle is a Chicago based company on a mission to create great candles that make great progress.  All their candles are crafted in Chicago using environmentally and socially responsible ingredients.
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Soap Distillery is a small four-person team that creates a myriad of uniquely scented products, many of which we are proud to carry at Seguin Gardens & Gifts.
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While many people love the idea of having plants at home, the process of realizing this dream is not always as simple as they might think. At FoxFarm, we are here to help! With decades of experience in the soil business, we are well equipped to help you prepare for your adventures in houseplant cultivation.
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Planting a garden is an excellent way to guarantee you always have fresh vegetables and fragrant flowers on hand. But to a beginner gardener, it can feel intimidating to start with only a handful of seeds and some dirt.
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