6 Gift Ideas for Gardeners and Home Goods Enthusiasts

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by Emma Croft

Are you working on your holiday shopping list for your family and close friends? Maybe you’re scratching your head and wondering what to get that they would really appreciate. If your loved ones like working in their gardens or focusing on interior design, look no further than Seguin Gardens & Gifts! Whether you’re interested in gifting all-natural cleaning products, terrarium workshops, or gardening supplies, you’re sure to get inspired by these ideas.


Basket of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Goods


If your loved one enjoys spending time in nature, they might appreciate some eco-friendly cleaning supplies! This is a great gift for someone who just bought a home or moved out on their own for the first time. You may want to include items like essential oils, white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. You could go the extra mile and combine some of these ingredients into homemade cleaning formulas and store them in aesthetically pleasing bottles. To top it all off, arrange these items in a pretty basket and add a candle or a burner with incense.


Gardening Workshop Gift Card


Maybe one of your loved ones has expressed some interest in taking a terrarium or floral design workshop. Purchasing them a gift card for a workshop like this could make their day! Adding a personalized invitation to your gift card is a nice touch. With a free invitation maker, you can create a cute invitation online and surprise the recipient.


Outdoor Gardening Tools


If your loved one has a garden, there’s a high chance that they already own essential gardening tools like a watering can and gardening gloves. But it never hurts to check in and see if they’re missing any tools they want, or if they’re ready to replace or upgrade certain tools. Gardener’s Edge states that pruning shears, a wheelbarrow, and a soil knife are all key tools, so find out if your loved one could use one of these as a gift.


Indoor Kitchen Gardening Supplies


Perhaps your loved one wants to keep their herb garden growing all year round indoors. You could help them get set up with some key indoor gardening supplies for their kitchen! They might need containers or indoor grow lights. Additionally, you could buy them the seeds or cuttings that they need to get started.


Weather-Resistant Decor


Your loved one’s garden might benefit from some weather-resistant, outdoor decor. The right decor for your loved one will depend on the amount of space they have available. For example, you may want to gift your loved one patio furniture for an outdoor dining space. They might also like putting up a few small statues or a fountain in their garden. Family Handyman also recommends gifting a bird bath or luxury hose reel.


All-Natural Bath and Body Products


Does your loved one enjoy turning their bathroom into a “home spa” once in a while so they can fully relax and unwind after a long day? Consider picking up a few all-natural goodies for their shower. Check the ingredient lists carefully, or make your very own products in your kitchen! Making body care products can be a fun weekend project. Just make sure to ask your loved one if they are allergic to any common ingredients in skincare or body care products as a courtesy.


When you know your loved ones’ hobbies, shopping for them doesn’t have to be hard! If your friends and family love gardening and creating cozy spaces at home, you can find all the gifts you need at gardening centers and home goods stores.


Ready to shop for holiday gifts for your loved ones with green thumbs? Seguin Gardens & Gifts has got you covered! Browse our website today for great gift ideas.


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