2 Quart Houseplant Chunky Mix

Houseplant Chunky Mix is a superior all-purpose, aroid or tropical potting mix. 
It contains the most organic matter of all Sol Soil products to ensure that your houseplants get all the moisture and drainage they need to thrive. 
This mix utilizes recycled coconut chips and coir, an otherwise wasted byproduct of the coconut industry. 
As a soil component, the ground husks offer excellent aeration and moisture retention properties while still providing a fast-draining medium to reduce the risk of soggy soil and root-rot for indoor potted plants.

*Perfect for Jungle Plants or Aroids like Anthurium, Alocasia, Dieffenbachia, Monstera, Philodendron, ZZ plants, as well as Calatheas, String of Hearts or Turtles, Dracaena Dragon Trees, Hoyas, Palms, Pothos, etc. 

Also recommended for the ever-popular winter indoor plant, the Christmas Cactus -i.e.- Schlumbergera species. This cactus and many Aroids listed above are epiphytic, which means they can be found growing up the side or in the branches and crevices of trees in rainforests as opposed to in the ground.

Watering Note! -- Despite these specialized mixes containing more chunky/gritty components compared to other soil mixes, they hang onto moisture for the root ball effectively. No need to water more frequently! Generally for indoor settings with established plants, one deep watering every 10-14 days is usually plenty. Watering weekly will likely still lead to root rot if the root system doesn't get a chance to fully breathe between watering sessions.

Soil Composition

Organic: coconut husks, pine bark, compost

Inorganic: pumice, calcined clay, perlite, expanded clay

Sol Soils partners with Switch2Zero to plant a tree for every bag sold to support reforestation projects.