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UCPS Euphorbia tirucalli Fire Stick in 4" pot

The Firestick plant (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a type of succulent (despite commonly called a cactus). 

It is also commonly known as pencil cactus, stick cactus, fire plant, pencil plant, and ‘sticks on fire.’ 

It has clumps of pencil like stems that have an orange/red color that resembles the color of fire.

The firestick cactus is an easy succulent to grow. The firestick plant thrives in bright sunlight, warm temperatures, and low humidity. Ensure the plant grows in well-draining soil. Only water the plant occasionally when the soil dries out.

TOXICITY:  All parts of the plant are toxic.  The sap in the pencil cactus has a substance that is toxic to dogs and cats and causes skin irritation in humans.  Ingested, it can caused temporary blindness.

In a 4" grower pot