Air Plants


Information and Care

Often referred to as “air plants,” tillandsias are epiphytic plants that extract excess moisture from the air.  Relatively low maintenance plants, they can be easily grown indoors or outside.  Do NOT plant them in soil, as they get their nutrients from the air.  Naturally growing on bark, rocks or driftwood, they can also be placed in an open glass container or on a bed of fine sand or Spanish Moss.

Tillandsias love bright, filtered light in the spring, summer and early fall months.  In the late fall and winter they like direct sun, or bright indirect sun, no further than two or three feet from a bright window.  Allowing direct sun during the hot summer months can burn the plant.
Tillandsias do well in a wide range of temperatures from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Use a low-copper or bromeliad liquid fertilizer at ¼ strength.  Fertilize monthly.


Watering and Air Circulation
Make sure that air is allowed to circulate to the plant.  Do not completely enclose them in a terrarium or glass cloche.  They need the air to survive.
Tillandsias should be watered one to three times a week, depending upon variety and temperature.  Rainwater or de-mineralized water works best, applied using a simple mister or spray bottle.