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General Manager

Darrel is the shops brains, IT department, graphic designer, handyman, Jasper Whisperer, and all around cool-headed, even keeled Aquarius we know as our General Manager.

Darrel uses he/him pronouns, for example “Hey, thats Darrel! I recognize him and his bird Jasper!” You can typically find us very lost and confused without him.

Darrel is half Czech, with some Scottish, Irish, Welsh and British lineage. His favorite food is pasta, and his favorite plant is a tie between Dioon edule and the California Fan Palm.

His plant pro-tip for the people: “You should talk to Susanna, Yanira or Juan--they're the experts.”

image of man from the shoulders up with blue eyeglasses in a black t shirt with a red apron and a white cockatoo on his shoulder


Specialist - Sales + Greenhouse

Juan is a sales associate/part-time horticulturist. So chances are you’ve met him in the store, or in the greenhouse.

Juan uses he/him pronouns. Example: “Hey, I know him! That’s Juan, he works at Seguin!”

Juan is from Guatemala so it’s only natural that his favorite plant is the Ceiba tree, the national tree of Guatemala!

Juan is also a Cancer, and his favorite thing to snack on is a strawberry cheese danish.

Juan’s plant care tip for the people: “Try not to water your garden in the middle of the day when it’s the hottest. This helps you avoid leaf scorch!”

image of a man standing in the middle of a greenhouse holding a large monstera plant in a colorful talavera pot and wearing a grey t-shirt and colorful face mask


Specialist - Sales + Greenhouse

Karen is a bold Aries, so if you need an opinion on a pot for your new plant, she can help you out.

If you need a plant suggestion, she might recommend a Chinese Evergreen, since it’s her favorite. 🌲🤩

Karen uses she/her pronouns. Her favorite snack is a handful of honey sesame sticks.

You can find Karen in the shop teaching us Polish slang from her homeland.

Her Plant Pro Tip for the People: “Ask Juan or Susana”


AKA Micky or “El Padrino.”

Miguel’s hometown calls him El Padrino because during his time away from the Garden Center, Miguel goes to Mexico and helps support families with little ones in his town.

Miguel is a Scorpio, and uses He/Him pronouns. When asked what his favorite food is he said “I don’t discriminate, I’ll eat everything.” Miguel is from Michoacán, he came to the US several years ago. He speaks English + Spanish, and wants to learn Italian.

Miguel’s plant tip for the people: “Take care of nature, and keep it clean. Plants need clean the air that’s why we keep them in our houses.” He also said, “When people come to me when they need advice, I try to give them the best advice I can. I like to help and support people.”

During the Spring he works in the greenhouse as a horticulturist, then when summer comes he transitions over to maintain landscapes at the @ucpseguin homes with our landscape crew.

image of a man sitting in a greenhouse with a grey sweatshirt and green apron.  He has black hair and is wearing a face masks with an eagle and American flag design


This is Sonia. She’s a grounded Taurus and really helps keep the greenhouse on task! Sonia speaks Spanish and some English. Sonia uses she/her pronouns.

She is a Horticulturist in the greenhouse, and her favorite part of working here is transplanting plants. Sonia is also a paid resident artist who paints the UCP Seguin Made ceramics!!

Her favorite food is pizza, and her plant tip for the people is: ”Don’t water too much, feel the soil, and water when the soil is dry” she also says: “Ay que tener cuidado escogiendo una planta, uno tiene que aprender cómo cuidarla antes de comprar.”

image of woman with dark brown hair wearing a light blue face mask, a purple shirt and a green apron, in front of plants


Coordinator - Greenhouse + Propagation

She oversees Greenhouse Production/Propagation... You know UCPSeguin Grown Veggies and Herbs? We have them every year thanks to Susana!! (She just holds the seeds in her hands and they all sprout🌱😉♥️)

She also supervises greenhouse staff: Markita, Sonia, Miguel, and Steve, together they all make UCP Seguin Grown possible.

Susana is a Taurus, and always keeps us grounded.

Her favorite thing to eat is Huachinango, which is a red snapper dish.

Susana is from Mexico City, MX, and speaks English, Spanish, and a little bit of ASL. Susana uses she/her pronouns.

Susana’s plant tip for the people: “You have to have a lot of love and patience.” THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO SUSANA! ♥️🌱

image of a woman with a grey shirt and colorful face masks with glasses and brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, with a backpack sprayer, in a greenhouse in front of plants