2 Quart Bonsai Gritty Mix

Bonsai Gritty Mix is the fastest draining and least water-retentive Sol Soils product, ensuring that the hardiest of dry-weather plants stay happy and healthy.  
Containing pine bark as its only organic component, the minimalist nature of Bonsai Gritty Mix is perfect for those who prefer a traditional bonsai mix or need a starting point for custom mixes of their own.

*Ideal for many caudex plants, Cedar, Fir, Japanese Maple, Juniper, Spruce, as well as dry-loving succulents like Lophophora Cacti or Lithops "Living Stone" Plants + some species of Ficus.

Soil Composition

Organic: pine bark

Inorganic: grey granite, pumice, calcined clay, expanded clay


Sol Soils partners with Switch2Zero to plant a tree for every bag sold to support reforestation projects.