Complete Indoor Grow Tent 3x3x5'11"

100W LED - 3ft x 3ft x 5ft 11in

Complete Grow Tent Kit includes everything needed to start growing indoors. 

The durable, solid construction grow tent is coupled with a 100W LED Grow Light for lighting and a 4in inline fan and carbon filter for ventilation. 

Designed specifically for indoor growing, each component has been hand selected to be user friendly while providing the optimal growing environment. 

3ft x 3ft x 5ft 11in.

Included is a HORT2O Digital Hygro-Thermometer, mechanical timer and smart plug for complete control over your growing environment.

Not available for shipping at this time.  In store and curbside pickup only.

Full list of items included:

  • 3x3x5'11" Grow Tent
  • 1/4" rope ratchet, 2 pack
  • 7" clip fan
  • 2x2-4x4 elastic trellis
  • 4" inline fan with speed controller 188cfm
  • 4" x 25' professional ducting kit
  • 4"x16" Carbon Filter 225cfm
  • Digital Hygrothermometer
  • 24hr Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer
  • Dual Outlets Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • 100W LED Grow Light