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Soil Builder Peas and Oats Cover Crop Organic Seeds


This hardworking combination of field peas and oats quickly improves the soil with nutrients and organic material, while helping suppress weeds. 

The mix is also perfect for conditioning areas being turned into gardens, such as lawns and vacant lots. 

Pea plants fix nitrogen and condition the topsoil, while the flowers and bees and other beneficial insects. 

Oats hold nitrogen, provide organic material, and suppress weeds. 

When sown in the fall, peas and oats grow heartily in the cool weather but are killed by the cold temperatures of winter (USDA zones 7 and colder) and won't regrow in the spring. 

The dead plant material provides a wonderful winter mulch that helps prevent soil erosion and is ready to be tilled into the garden as soon as soil can be worked in the spring.

Large packet sows approximately 80 square feet.