Cream of the Crop 50/50 2cf Planter Mix

50:50 blend of Coconut Coir and Perlite.

Cream of the Crop® 50/50 Growing Media is a blend of buffered coconut coir and perlite, ready to use in your growing environment.  

Coconut coir is known for its water holding capabilities, and perlite is included to provide air spaces in the media, facilitating aeration and drainage.  

Cream of the Crop® 50/50 Growing Media is ideal for use with customized feeding schedules in indoor and outdoor containers.

For best results, use in conjunction with FoxFarm® fertilizers and adjusters.

Designed for use in containers in outdoor or indoor growing environments. 

Plants grown in FoxFarm Cream of the Crop® 50/50 should be watered and fertilized as needed. 
The frequency will depend on many factors, including your climate, container size, and plant size.  
When watering, add enough to fully saturate the media, allowing excess water to drain from the bottom of the container.

Store pickup only.  Not available for shipping.