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Large Lotus Incense Burner/Ash Catcher

Intricately detailed heavy aluminum incense burner/holder / Ash Catcher
6 inches wide to catch more ashes.
It has 4 holes in the Front for Incense stick and 1 hole behind Buddha for Tibetan Incense.

This is a handcrafted Recycled Aluminum incense burner that features in front 4 auspicious symbols of Buddhism (The Lotus, The Two Fish, The Endless Knot, and The Treasure Vase) surrounded by a floral pattern.

Back geometric patterns surrounded by a leafy scroll. Our artistic Incense Burner will help you fill the room with your favorite magical aroma.

Add a touch of style to your home, studio or spa.

Make your surroundings lively with our Ash Catcher.

3 in 1 - Besides regular incense sticks you can burn Cone Incense and Tibetan Incense.

Choose Buddha or Ganesh figure.