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Purple Cow Activated Potting Mix 1.5CF

Purple Cow Activated Potting Mix offers superior performance because it's scientifically formulated with our PCO Mineral Complex, so readily available nutrients not only get your plants off to a good start, but continue to feed your plants long after planting. 

Your lighter feeding edibles, herbs, and flowers will continue to receive nutrients and minerals for up to 2 months! 

It's ideal for large or small containers and has excellent moisture-holding characteristics. 

It is also environmentally friendly because it contains organic fertilizer and less peat than most potting soils. 


  • Purple Cow Compost
  • Aged Pine Bark
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Rock Minerals/Sea Minerals
  • Worm Castings


1.5 cubic foot bag.  Approximately 30lbs.

In-store pickup only.