The Woodsman Charcoal Organic Soap

All about our The Woodsman Small Batch Handmade Soap and its Benefits:

Vitalize and deeply cleanse your body with our earthy aroma bar full of activated charcoal and a masculine-scented collection of woodsy essential oils. 

We had our favorite men in mind when creating The Woodsman to help spruce up their grooming and skincare routines in an easy, rich-smelling, and nourishing way. 

Formulated with premium and natural ingredients including; activated charcoal dispersed in our Goat’s milk soap base, cedarwood oil, sandalwood oil, palo santo oil, black pepper oil, vanilla oil, pine oil, frankincense oil, and topped with organic rosemary herbs.

Take a walk through the countryside without even leaving your shower! Wash away dirt and oils with The Woodsman while the aroma of cedar and pine carries through the air. 

A gentle exfoliant of charcoal and rosemary herbs help detoxify and soothe your skin leaving you feeling brand new.

✓ Goat’s milk soap base
✓ activated charcoal
✓ sandalwood oil
✓ vanilla oil
✓ cedarwood oil
✓ palo santo oil
✓ black pepper oil
✓ pine oil
✓ frankincense oil
✓ organic rosemary herbs

How to Use
Lather this stimulating bar head-to-toe for a deeply cleansing experience that helps reset your skin closer to its healthiest state! Keep your soap for longer by storing somewhere dry between uses.

4 oz.