The Woodsman Essential Oil Spray/Cologne

All about The Woodsman Essential Oil Spray and its Benefits:

Allow the woody fragrance of The Woodsman essential oil spray to liven up your days and spruce up your nights! 

The grounding blend of essential oils will bring you into the wilderness with one spritz of our masculine aroma mist. The distilled water and witch hazel base make it safe for all skin types.

The Woodsman line was designed for layering as this essential oil spray can be paired with The Woodsman goat’s milk soap.

 The keynotes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and frankincense promote mindful moments while a softening touch of vanilla combined with black pepper will entice all that encounter The Woodsman.

Handcrafted with love & care with the following ingredients:
✓ Distilled water
✓ vanilla oil
✓ witch hazel
✓ cedarwood oil
✓ sandalwood oil
✓ palo santo oil
✓ black pepper oil
✓ vanilla oil
✓ pine oil
✓ frankincense oil

How to Use
Spritz this earthy essential oil spray all over your body to add an alluring aroma to your day. Clear the air in your home and freshen up your car, bed, backpack, and gym bag with just a few sprays of The Woodsman.

2 oz