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Spring Is Almost Here, and It’s Time to Plan Your Landscape

by Emma Croft


If you moved into a new home during the winter months, you may be excited about ways you can spruce it up as the warm weather arrives. But hold up! It is not always enough to grab a few flowers and plant them around the mailbox. When you really want to improve your curb appeal — especially if you’re doing so to maintain or increase your home’s value — it pays to know a few tips and tricks before you get started. Here are just a few that you need to keep in mind, courtesy of Seguin Gardens & Gifts.

First, Call a Gardener

Before you do anything, plan to consult with an expert landscaper if you are completely lost. This is an individual that can talk to you about the types of foliage that will work in your area based on your soil, land grading, and sunlight. They’ll help you sort through the process of weeding and pruning, too. No two yards are alike, and getting a professional opinion from the start can save you headaches down the road. Plus, if you’re overwhelmed, you can contract with them to come back often to keep your lawn looking like a showplace.

Next, Clean It Up

Chances are, it’s likely been a while since your home was washed. While this is not necessarily something you need to do every year, a few hours with a pressure washer can make a huge difference in both its appearance and its value. By some estimates, you may be looking at an extra $10,000 to $15,000in value just by keeping it clean.

The Power of Paint

Painting is another thing you should check off of your to-do list before you start planting. A fresh coat of paint on the shutters, front door, mailbox, and other wooden accents will complement your freshly washed exterior and make things look shiny and new from the road.

Don’t Get Sad, Get Sod

We’ve all seen the beautiful lawns with their lush, green, and uniform grass. This is very intentional, and the property owner has taken great care to ensure their little patch of land stays pristine. Of course, it probably didn’t start out that way. If you want the same effect on your own front lawn, then it’s time to consider sod. Sod, which is essentially a grass carpet, takes well in the spring. Wait until the last freeze, and then get to work killing weeds. Next, you’ll want to till the area, rake it smooth, and fertilize before adding your new grass. Once down, keep it moist and reduce foot traffic until roots are established.

The Flower of the Hour

While flowers should definitely last longer than an hour, many are only meant to bestow their beauty upon us for weeks or months. Spend some time down at your local nursery. At Sequin Gardens & Gifts you’ll find plenty of varieties of gorgeous flowers. Choose a spot in your landscape that gets plenty of sunlight and is convenient to tend and water. Make sure that you pick complementary colors and grasses and flowers in varying heights to add visual interest.

Hello, Hardscape

If your thumb has long lost its greenness, don’t worry — there’s still plenty of ways to improve curb appeal without having to keep things alive. Hardscaping utilizes non-living features, such as statues, retaining walls, and gravel, to give you a beautiful outdoor space. If you’re on a tight budget, consider using pea gravel, which Gardenista notes can be used from everything to the driveway to fill the spaces between decorative stone pavers.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, it pays to prioritize curb appeal. Small things like keeping your property clean and planting seasonal flowers can go a long way toward helping your investment retain its value. And when it is time to put a “for sale” sign in the yard, you’ll be glad you’ve taken care of your lawn.

Are you ready to get your garden started? Seguin Gardens & Gifts has everything you need to make your lawn and garden look fantastic. Stop by our website today!

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