leafjoy™ Houseplants by Proven Winners­®

logo image:  PW Proven Winners logo on the left and leafy logo in green on the right, with the tagline bring nature inside underneathHouseplants have never been hotter, so Proven Winners has launched a new line of premium genetics - allowing you to bring nature inside.

The leafjoy collection of plants are clean, virus-indexed plants with a polished presentation.

Four lifestyle categories allow you to easily choose a plant most appropriate for your environment:
Atrium Collection: High light plants for brightly lit spaces
Cocoon Collection: Low light plants for interior rooms
Worklife Collection: Space-saving plants for desks and tabletops.
SpaScene Collection: Humidity-loving plants great for bathrooms.

Each plant comes in a neutral colored grow pot, perfect to drop in your existing containers, or for easy transplanting.

Tags on each plant show care instructions, as well as a QR code for more detailed information.

Plants vary from the most popular to more rare varieties, and come in two sizes of pots: 4.3" and 6.7" diameter.
Proven Winners leafjoy Cling-On Anastasia Weeping Fig $ 18.99 USD