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Seguin Gardens & Gifts

A social enterprise of UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago, Seguin Gardens & Gifts opened in 2009, with a mission to create jobs and vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities in a supportive and nurturing setting.

Situated right off historic Route 66 (Ogden Avenue) and Central Avenue in Cicero, they strive to be a community resource for houseplants, annuals, perennials, and the tools and products to help them thrive.

Part of their job creation mission is growing #Plants with a Purpose, especially houseplants and edibles, under their UCP Seguin Grown label.  They use organic and natural methods, eschewing pesticides in favor of natural and biological controls.

In addition, individuals with disabilities are employed in creating hand-painted ceramic planters, as well as holiday ornaments, under their UCP Seguin Made brand.  They also carry bath and body products, candles, and other home and gift items, many made by local artisans.

They work to keep a diverse and ever-changing selection of plants and pottery.  Both in workshops and individual support, they help people become successful plant parents, teaching plant care, propagation, seed starting, and other skills.

While you are there, say hello to their resident cockatoo, Jasper.  If he’s in a chatty mood, he might just say hello back.

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March 30, 2022

Wow, I didn’t know an organization like this existed. I stumbled upon this article while browsing for something else related to training and people with disabilities. I would definitely refer this site to some of the non-for-profit organizations that I work with.

Syed Farhan Raza

Syed Farhan Raza

November 22, 2021

Great to have you featured at Vverge.com. Keep doing the awesome job.

Founder at Vverge

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