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Reopening the store

Reopening the store to the public is something we are working towards, and thinking a lot about.

Unfortunately, due to many factors, it is far more complicated than just opening our doors.  In addition to making sure we have procedures in place to keep both staff and customers safe, the physical layout of the store is being altered to allow proper distancing to maintain safety.

As soon as we closed our doors in March, we pivoted to an online only e-commerce store.  During this time our customers showed us their overwhelming support and shopped online, choosing curbside pickup and limited local delivery.  This part of our business will continue to be an important part of who we are.  We need to make sure that both our in-store and online customers are able to shop with the assurance that what we show in stock is indeed available.  We need to make sure we are able to serve both our customers who are shopping in the store and the customers coming to pick up online orders.

Every day we are moving closer to our goal of reopening to the public.  We are grateful for your support and your patience throughout this process.

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